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It’s Grim Up North – 13th of May – SAESON OPENING

SAISONERÖFFNUNG am Samstag den 13. Mai im SALOON Zweibrückenstraße!

DJs… und last minute live act: L twills (aka Lila94) 22h

Second floor: golden disco

It’s Grim Up North

hello there. the grim crew finally has some feeling of arrival. a beautiful location between bridges and water, near some beloved former spots of subcultural activity (the Brandshof and the Kraniche bei den Elbbrücken).

for our first date, we invited the fantastic quadratschulz, who we all love and listen to. releasing on Housewax and Shipwrec among others, we are looking very forward to meet him and dance to his music. we hope you will, too. THE LOCATION IS AN INDOOR no worries about the weather..
see you then.

_quadratschulz (Shipwrec, Kreisferkeer Flaake)

_nike.bordom (Mikrodisko)

_Coco (All Of Us!)

_renKen (Pudel)